SOE is the fundamental base to support projects to develop new vehicles as well as the approval of the same and its components. Thus the SOE contributes to reaching more security on the roads, supporting the technical development of information sheets, and their submission to the competent authority.
The drafting of the documentation in accordance with the law and the revision of traffic regulations is dependent on a well-founded knowledge and a thorough study of road use and an ability to predict future events. The many years of experience, neutrality and the know-how make the SOE an ally on issues of road safety in the European Union. SOE offers a broad range of test and measurement services, based on internationally accredited systems.
Continued pressure on the legal limits and regulations test, not only makes the work of the designers and researchers to manufacture cars more difficult, as the task of our engineers to ensure the precision of the recorded measurements and the reproducibility of the results thereof. In addition to national and European standards, we can also test according to the Japanese and American standards.
The test program is done in order to respect the requirements of a real situation on the road, braking tests, and out of roundabouts and maneuvers on the track. These tests are based on graphical information obtained through virtual calculations, which combined with information obtained in the field allows us greater sharpness and better results.
Our intervention is a sign of responsibility and efficiency.